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        Six Dogs Honey Lime

        The combination of farm honey and home-grown limes, when blended with the finest botanical spirit, prove irresistible. Sip it and you will taste a subtle sweetness that cuts through the zestiness of...

        Six Dogs Pinotage Stained

        We distill this Gin in small batches through generous quantities of juniper and fresh citrus. It gets its colour and taste profile from the deep red essence of handpicked Pinotage grapes.

        Six Dogs Karoo

        A Modern classic gin with a big Juniper heart, incorporating subtle notes of Wild Lavender and handpicked Karoo Thorn.

        Six Dogs Blue Gin

        Six Dogs Blue Derives its name from the Blue Pea plant (Clitoria Ternatea), an antioxidant and alleged aphrodisiac. As chance would have it, ‘Blue” is also the name of the smallest dog...