Bulk Wines

De Wet Cellar is the majority shareholder in First Cape Vineyards, one of the best-selling South African wine brands in the UK. We are a partner in the First Cape brand with three other shareholders namely, Badsberg Winery, Aan de Doorns Cellar and Stettyn Family Vineyards.

De Wet Cellar supplies bulk wine for producers of local brands and for companies who export bottled product and/or sell bulk product to the export market.

For the past 10 years, De Wet Cellar has invested substantially in their facility infrastructure and is at the forefront of technology and practices to comply with local and international standards.

De Wet Cellar’s primary drive is to always improve on the their wine making process, delivering a constant quality assurance throughout the spectrum.

The Cellar is ISO 22 000 and Wieta accredited