The 2020 Iridescent MCC is finally here!

The 2020 Iridescent MCC is finally here!

Champagne, or in this case, Methodé Cap Classique, is a symbol. Throughout the world, it is perceived as the wine of happiness and celebration par excellence, which presides over all moments of celebration and success. Whether in family life or in love, in international and professional relations, and even in the sports world. 

Our 2020 Iridescent MCC has recently been released and we are blown away!

 However, before we pop the bubbles, here is some interesting information about how MCC is made. 

The word Methodé Cap Classique or MCC indicates that our bubbles were made in the traditional method (the same way Champagne is made), whereby a secondary fermentation takes place inside the bottle which in turn produces CO2. This is responsible for the bubbles in the wine we all know and love. Making MCC is a labour of love as this is a very labour-intensive process and takes years.

 The process begins by adding a solution of sugar and yeast to a bottle of still base wine, triggering a secondary fermentation inside the bottle which produces both carbon dioxide and spent yeast cells, or lees. The cells are collected in the neck of the bottle during the riddling process. The wine will be “on the lees” for 24 months to age and produce the fragrant stone fruit nose and the fresh, citrusy mouthfeel with a  lingering taste of shortbread on the palate as in the case of our Iridescent.


Then comes the disgorging process, which sounds very intense, we know. All this means is that the lees are dispelled from the bottle, topped up with some more wine and corked. The cage around the cork is there to keep the cork in the bottle as there is a tremendous amount of pressure inside.

 We invite you to sip and savour this incredible new vintage of our Iridescent MCC.

When it comes to popping open the bubbles, the Iridescent will definitely be our go to! Get yours now and celebrate with us


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